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Writing is a communication.

-T. Sturgeon

onyx communications

is your go-to for concise written content.
We review, edit, draft, and write: 
grant proposals
submissions to science journals
in-house user guides
technical & procedure manuals
We publish and distribute nonfiction,  fiction, and creative works by
Kim-Marie Walker.

You've thought about it.

Maybe even dreamt about it.

Let us partner with you to

effectively communicate it with

words, sentences, and a paragraph or two!

Technical Writing Is...


...writing/drafting technical communication used in disciplines and occupational fields, such as: computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, earth sciences, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and forestry.


Technical writing is the largest sub-field within technical communication.

Many fields have specialized technical writing conventions and guidelines. 

onyx communications

Integrate Your Data Sources

In addition to Standard Document Features* we provide integration analysis for your writing project.



Today's office environments thrive on data from various sources: text documents, spreadsheet files, databases, Web pages, audio files, video clips, teleconferencing, and digital slide presentations.

Vital data sources are also located within inter-agency and/or intra-agency networks; or on the World Wide Web.

When analyzing your writing project we ensure important data sources are fully integrated.

*As applicable, Standard Document Features include: Table-of-Contents, Graphs & Charts, Footer/Header Text, Pagination, Glossary, Bibliography, References, Appendices, etc.

Grant Proposal Writing


Study sponsor organization for thorough understanding of its objectives and former grant recipients.


Understand guidelines, instructions, and requirements.

Develop project concept with appropriate data.

Identify and correct gaps in required information.

Expand concept to match guidelines.

Identify project budget/costs.

Draft, revise, and copyedit until polished. Submit grant proposal.

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